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The Webkinz Chat Spot Trading Agreement Thread

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The Webkinz Chat Spot Trading Agreement Thread Empty The Webkinz Chat Spot Trading Agreement Thread

Post by KinzPost on Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:24 pm

Please read the following

1. Please DO NOT offer exchanges outside of the Trading Section. Exchanging items in the open forum is not allowed. DO NOT make posts about what you have, want, or will trade. It’s a big No-No and may result in a longer wait for you to be allowed into the TS.

2.Trading privileges will only be given to members who contribute to the forum as a whole. As such, we require that all members post a minimum of 20 posts before applying. The management reviews EVERY post by EVERY applicant before accepting. Posts that are considered "fluff" will not count toward your 10 posts. If your posts do not count and/or your application is denied, DO NOT pm the staff to ask why and complain. Instead, continue to make good, strong, informative posts,then reapply in a weeks time.

3. You must be a member of the forum for at least TWO WEEKS before applying to the TS. Get to know our community before trading.

4. You must agree to work with the GCs. The GCs will guide you until you completely understand the Fair Gift Exchange Policy, how trading works, and are comfortable with making exchanges.

5. Post your agreement on this thread once you have 20 good posts, have been a member for ONE WEEK, and feel you can work with the GCs. Your overall member conduct here and your posts will then be reviewed and a decision made.

6. Once your application has been approved, the TS will be unlocked for you. You must read the Fair Gift Exchange Policy, located at the top of the TS board, and post your agreement to follow the Policy. Once you’ve agreed, the next available GC will contact you and help you begin.

7. In order to ensure that all TTs are completely trained before becoming full Traders, the number of TT's will vary. This will be determined by the TTs' rate of learning and how many TT's the Trade Coaches can effectively maintain. If the TS is full, it may take a while for a Trade Coach to accept you. You will be notified when space is available. Please be patient while you wait and take this time to review the sticky's and the WI GEV...this will be crucial to your training! If by the second month of you being accepted by a Trade Coach, you have not set up a gift thread, or traded, then you will be removed from the Training section. After which time, you may reapply, but will need to wait a required 2 months.

##Post your agreement below##


**There is no longer a time limit as to when admin will get to your application. If your application has been unsuccessful, please do not post your agreement for two weeks. Instead, during that time, make at least 10 good posts on the Forum and when you feel you're ready, post your agreement then.**
TT= Trader Trainee (please note: Traders and TTs are the same!)
TC = Trade Coach
TS = Training Section

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