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RolePlay Rules

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RolePlay Rules Empty RolePlay Rules

Post by Jingles on Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:17 pm

Roleplaying Rules for WCS
Welcome to the roleplaying section of WCS! We’re sure you’ll love it here. Here we have animal roleplaying and human roleplaying. We want everyone to have fun, but we need rules.

1. Do not god-mod or power-play. Controlling other peoples’ characters, which is powerplaying, takes out the point of roleplaying. You are allowed to control someone that isn’t an actual character in the roleplay, like a teacher, but do not control your partner’s character.
2. No physical romance between people. It is fine for animals to nuzzle or say they love each other, and it is fine for there to be gossip like “She likes ___” but please no kissing, or anything of that sort. Hugging and holding hands is ok.
3. When you are speaking out of character, please use () or OOC: When you aren’t roleplaying, please use parenthesis or something to indicate you are speaking out of character.
4. Keep it PG here. There might be kids on here, so be careful.
5. No graphic violence. We allow struggles and such—but please, nothing gory or bloody.
6. If there is a problem, flag the post. Do not reply to it. Just flag it so a moderator can take care of it.
7. Please do not be lazy and use chat speak. We know there are typos and such, but please try to use proper grammar.
8. Please roleplay on the thread. Roleplaying by private message is not allowed.
9. Please do not fight with other roleplaying members. It takes out all the fun in roleplaying.
10. Roleplay threads must be approved before being posted. Please private message Jingles to get your RP approved. DO NOT post it before it is approved.
NOTE: If someone has been breaking the rules and has been warned numerous times, they could possibly be banned from the roleplaying section or from all of WCS for awhile.

Thanks, and please have fun roleplaying!

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RolePlay Rules Empty Re: RolePlay Rules

Post by Ali JerseyGirl on Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:33 pm

again....why only for role plays?
Ali JerseyGirl
Ali JerseyGirl

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RolePlay Rules Empty Re: RolePlay Rules

Post by Crystalruth on Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:17 pm

Thanks for getting the rules up!!!

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RolePlay Rules Empty Re: RolePlay Rules

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